mardi 23 septembre 2008

Pour qui elle se prend, la terre?

Photo P.Boyer, "Homard" in Mille Plateaux,
Minuit, 1980

« Expecting grandeur and other bolsterings to l’amour propre, Loti made little attempt to understand anything. Even when he did, he got wrong. He noticed that his little Chrysantheme was always in dark colors. « This », he added hopefully, « is a sign here of aristocratic distinction. » No, she had subdued her wardrobe because, unfortunate woman, she thought that she was really married.
But she wasn’t, and six months later it was time to part. Loti wrote, « Well, little mousmée, let us part good friends ;one last kiss even, if you like. I took you to amuse me ;you have not perhaps succeeded very well, but after all you have done what you have been pleasant enough in your Japanese way. »

Donald Richie, The Honorable visitors, 1994


Arrête ! Tu me fatigues ! Expérimente au lieu de signifier et d’intepréter ! Trouve toi-même tes lieux, tes territorialités, tes déterritorialisations, ton régime, tes lignes de fuite ! Sémiotise toi-même, au lieu de chercher dans ton enfance toute faite et ta sémiologie d’Occidental.

G. DELEUZE, Mille Plateaux, 1980

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